Privacy notice

1. Registration and confidentiality 

When registering to use this website, we will ask the Customer to create a password. The Customer should keep it strictly confidential, not revealing nor sharing it with third parties. The Customer is entirely and exclusively responsible for the use of his password and any orders placed by using it, even without his knowledge.


In the case of registered Customers, we will collect the information required to carry out the whole sales transaction online and for futures contacts that may be necessary so as to ensure the best customer service.


When registering, the Customer may also choose to receive sales information, periodically issued by Cerutil, providing his consent for this purpose.


The services provided by Cerutil will always honour the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Law - Law no. 67/98 of October the 26th, so the sole purpose of Cerutil in collecting the Customer's personal data is the management, billing and provision of additional information, if such permission has been granted, with the commitment to privacy and security in the processing of each Customer’s personal data.


2. Cookies

In order to provide our users with greater speed and customization of the service rendered, Cerutil may use a feature of the "browser", called a "cookie". A "cookie" is a small text file, automatically saved by the user's computer, which allows its identification whenever the user visits again, in this case, the site.


Any user can, however, configure his "browser" in order to prevent the installation of "cookies" in his computer. However, this option can make browsing slower, as in other sites.