Cerutil is a brand that represents a modern factory specializing in the production of tableware and oven. This unit belongs to Visabeira industry, one of the sub-holdings of Visabeira Group.


Cerutil enjoys the great advantage that is part of an economic group of multinational, that using the synergies that arise from this fact can put their high quality products and innovative design in the various international markets.


Cerutil is a modern factory, which has more than 15,000 square meters of production area, an optimized layout, which is a reference to national level in dishwasher manufacturing table and oven.


Cerutil through the use of the most advanced technologies and employing about 180 highly skilled professionals, produces over 30,000 pieces a day and places them in several international markets: France, England, Germany, Italy and the United States.


Cerutil is highly specialized in Design and Production of stoneware crockery, and why dominates the whole process, has the ability to offer solutions tailored to each market needs.


Cerutil is a reliable partner.